Diabetes mellitus is a disease, the main symptom of which is an increased level of glucose in the blood. It is customary to distinguish two main types of diabetes. The first type is hereditary, that is, it is transmitted at the genetic level. The second type is acquired during life. It can occur not only in the elderly. Now children’s diabetes mellitus is widespread in the world.

Scientists say that the number of people with diabetes in the world is growing. The main reasons are unhealthy diet, inactive lifestyle and poor ecology.

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There are two types of diabetes mellitus:


The main cause of type 1 diabetes is heredity. In this case, the person has a predisposition and the risk of the disease is growing. Naturally, a proper lifestyle and regular tests contribute to a slight reduction in risk.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas has a normal structure and works correctly. Usually, the disease develops when the pancreas regularly experiences heavy loads. For example, if a person regularly overeats or eats mainly carbohydrate and fatty foods, then the pancreas simply cannot cope. The mainreasons are:

With the right lifestyle, you can reduce the risk, so it is important to monitor the level of glucose in the blood and follow all the recommendations of doctors.


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